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Abstinence Training

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“Wait Training--Promoting Abstinence, the True Gift of Love” is designed to educate and encourage the youth of the Broadway Heights Community about the urgency to remain sexually pure.  Our intent is to help diminish the negative cycle of unwed pregnancy, STD/HIV, for our neighborhood youth, ages eleven to nineteen years of age.

“Wait Training”, has established three strategic goals and sustaining objectives.

Goal 1: To develop age appropriate abstinence, STD and HIV curriculums for male and female adolescents and teens in the targeted areas.   

Objective 1: We will develop professional and visual-training material, roll play, internet web page resource information with question and answer capability. 

Goal 2: To decrease the possible negative, statistical rates of unwed, sexually active teens, STD or HIV, that may threaten the Broadway Heights Community.

Objective 2: 100% of the participants will be offered mentoring and the opportunity to sign contracts, indicating their commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage.

Goal 3: To decrease the amount of monies allocated to the targeted areas for support of teens with STD, HIV, unwed parents and the multiple social, mental and economic dilemmas which may result from irresponsible behaviors.

Objective 3: “Wait Training” abstinence education program will serve to reinforce strong family communication, thus allowing for fewer teens to fall prey to irresponsible or forced sexual encounters.  An upward spiral of positive values will be realized and Social Service intervention may be avoided.

Our services will include but are not limited to three (3) 90 minute workshops, outlining statistics, life-lessons, mental, emotional and clinical risk resulting from negative sexual behaviors.  Additionally, the training will be augmented by etiquette and hygiene awareness.  We will endeavor to provide high tech, visual and multi-media presentations, rap sessions, roll play, brochures, internet site information and mentoring.

At the conclusion of the training, each participant will be challenged to commit to a abstinence and sign a contract indicating their intent.  The commitment ceremony will be held at a restaurant and their will be a program and guest presenters. Each participant will dress in formal attire.  Young ladies will wear white dresses and dress shoes, while young men will wear black slacks, white shirts, bow ties, cummerbunds and dress shoes.  As a reward to the participants, we desire to cover the cost of their meal and assist honorees in the event a parent may unable to provide the stated attire for the formal ceremony. Currently, sex education is being taught in all public schools in the targeted area, yet the incidents pre-marital sex, STD and HIV remain.  “Wait Training” propose to empower our youth to make wise choices, as their sexual behaviors may literally become a matter of life or death.

Contact ROBERT ROBINSON for more information on training: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | 619.993.7612



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