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Each One Teach One

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Each One Teach One
Understanding How to Grow Neighborhood Councils and Quality of Life


Advocacy is a way to change community policy rules and resource allocation decisions of government and private institutions.

How is Advocacy done?

Advocacy can be done in many ways, including: seeking changes in government agency policy or practice, working with private businesses changing laws, introducing ballot initiatives taking direct group actions, and when necessary, litigation.

How important is it for your work and building the community you serve?

Added benefit of building the capacity of communities to move their own agendas. Projects can include low cost housing, more and better jobs, a cleaner environment, safer streets and youth community development all which can contribute to improving community quality of life.

Grass Roots Lobbying

Grass Roots lobbying is a communication with neighbors that seeks to influence them to take action by including a specific “call to action,” such as asking people to write their legislators.

The communication must also be about a specific piece of legislation and express a view on that legislation.

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