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  • Wednesday Feb 21st
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Welcome to Broadway Heights Community Council

History of Broadway Heights

The Broadway Heights Community Council was founded for the purpose of enriching and celebrating the quality of life, safety and beautification of the neighborhood.  For the last two decades the Community Council has provided strong leadership and collaboration with the community and has developed partnerships with government leaders, community based organizations, business owners, schools, faith-based organizations, the Coalition of Neighborhood Councils, and the San Diego Neighborhood Funders.

This community maintains a strong bond and working relationship with the San Diego Police Department and as a result, Broadway Heights has maintained some of the lowest crime statistics in the city of San Diego for the last 24 years.  The demographics of the population are represented by a variety of ethnicities including African Americans, Hispanics, Filipinos, Asians and Caucasians.  Our goal is to build a safer community and a better quality of life. This group strives to educate our future leaders and offers opportunities for continued growth for our youth. Most recently the Broadway Heights Youth Leadership Team which meets monthly was successful in petitioning the City of San Diego City Council to have a neighborhood street renamed to Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade Design


The Broadway Heights neighborhood lies in the community of Encanto, which is one of the 52 communities that make up the City of San Diego.  The site for the proposed project is surrounded by single family housing.  The area is very diverse in cultures and ethnicities, and the neighborhood wishes to celebrate their diversity with a Cultural Promenade and gathering space.

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