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  • Wednesday Feb 21st
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For Immediate Release:
Contact Robert Robinson
(619) 993-7612

Councilman Anthony Young and Broadway Heights Community Council
Historic Street Ribbon Cutting For Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Broadway Heights Community Council is an organization of neighbors founded for the purpose of enriching the quality of life, safety and beautification for its residents in Broadway Heights. This community maintains a strong bond and working relationship with the San Diego Police Dept. and as a result, Broadway Heights has maintained some of the lowest crime statistics in the City of San Diego for the last 24 years. (See SDPD Stats)

The Broadway Heights Youth Leadership Team will have a ribbon cutting ceremony for Street Renaming of Weston Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

November 6, 2010 / 10:00 AM

Corner of Charlene Ave and Weston St.
After 24 years of waiting for change to come the youth of Broadway Heights Youth Leadership Team was successful in getting a unanimous vote to rename a street in their neighborhood, changing Weston Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Way. In 1986 the voters of San Diego overturned the naming of Market Street to Martin Luther King Street. The street renaming is a project of the Broadway Heights Youth Leadership Team. During the summer of 2007 the Broadway Heights Youth Team on a “Tour Across America” discovered in a lot of cities across America that surface streets were named after Dr. King. In returning to San Diego the mentors and youth began to have a discussion of finding a way to honor Dr. King. In the research it was learned that there are no surface streets named after Dr. King in the City or County of San Diego. The rest is history! Help us share this news worthy event.

Photo Opp. / Interviews
Anthony Young 4th Council District
Jerry Sanders Mayor of San Diego
Kevin L. Faulconer Council President Pro Tem
Bob Filner U.S. Congressman -CA 51st District,
Ron Roberts San Diego County Supervisor Fourth District
William Lansdowne S. D. Chief of Police
Executive Assistant Chief David Ramirez San Diego Police
Capt. Tony McElory Southeastern Command


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