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                                 May 26, 2011

Dear Students:

Thank you for writing me. I appreciate your taking the time to share
your thoughts.

Your ideas are important to me, and your generation will play an
important role in shaping our country's future. With a commitment to your
studies and to serving your community, there is no limit to the impact you can
have on the world around you.

In America, each of us can write our own destiny. We all have our own
gifts to discover, and we can overcome challenges when we put in our best
effort, ask for help, and try again when success does not come easily at first.

So long as you are willing to dream big and work hard, you can accomplish
great things and help others to do the same. I encourage you to aim for
excellence in everything you do, and to always seek out new challenges.

Young people like you inspire me and give me tremendous hope for the
future. Thank you, again, for being in touch. I wish you all the best.


President Obama's Signature

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